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SOARR with Truck Finance

Finance companies that use SOARR are ahead of the game and armed with powerful inspection, management, remarketing, and even finance tools.

The unique challenges of a finance company are no stranger to SOARR. Not only has our CEO worked on the dealership side of the business, but also at a major OEM Truck Captive financial institution. To add to the experience, SOARR has worked with several major financial institutions in the truck space as well as several smaller ones that we are equally proud to associate with in the industry.

A few highlights on a call will be getting units inspected and understanding the condition of the assets on a nationwide level. Moving the trucks to secure lots. Setting disposition routes. Maybe some introductions to new service providers. Managing the inventory. And Marketing the inventory once it has been acquired.

Our system does an excellent job with all of this and we look forward to hoping on a Zoom to go over the details and get to know your specific needs and challenges.


Questions? Call us at (740) 587-1695

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