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Meet the SOARR Inventory Management System 

Don't worry, we won't ask what size tire goes on a 5th wheel.
(competitors, click here for the answer)

SOARR was designed by dealers, for dealers. We are experts in the industry and have experienced many of the challenges you face firsthand. 


Our system is perfect for any company that has commercial inventory to sell. Truck & trailer dealerships, finance companies, fleets, leasing companies, OEMs,  auctions, banks, and even the occasional salvage yard or repair shop.

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SOARR is a Professional Strength Sales & Management Software designed for Commercial Truck and Trailer Dealerships.

Track your inventory from the time of appraisal to the time of sale, armed with powerful reports and sales tools through the entire process.

You've gotta see it...

The SOARR system is so powerful and flexible that you just need to see it in action. Let's do a demo and show you why our customers love us.

Can I use SOARR on my phone?

SOARR is mobile responsive and can be accessed via any device, however, the SOARR app will be launched in November 2022 for IOS users.

Go to our APP page to have your mind blown...

Seriously, this app is the coolest thing in our industry since, well, SOARR was created in 1995.

Spoiler alert: View, Add, and Edit your inventory with detailed specifications, condition, tires, brakes, unlimited photos, warranty, notes, and even a document scanner. - but this isn't even the cool part.

Visit our "INSPECT" page to find out more.



Does SOARR interface?

We are a software company, so absolutely! 

SOARR has partnered with most DMS systems and several CRM systems in the industry and has already done the heavy lifting to work together.

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If you have an internal system and can work with an API, XML, Excel, CSV, or other file types we can discuss how to work together. This is usually easy since SOARR has built an advanced data mapping system and works with companies every day to pull or push data.

** Need photos and specs for a website?
The SOARR Advanced Inventory SPA (Advanced Inventory Single Page Application) plugs in to any website and is a web developer's dream to work with.

Hear It From Our Clients

"My boss was initially skeptical, but shortly after we got the SOARR system, he became a believer.

SOARR has saved us countless hours and has taken us to a whole new level of efficiency and professionalism."

Anonymous - This dealer doesn't want you to get SOARR and compete. True story.
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