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"The SOARR FinanceHub has been designed to greatly improve the financing experience for every person involved in the process" 

-Ethan Nadolson - SOARR President/ CEO

What is FinanceHub?

Where technology, marketing, finance, and inventory come together.

Online Applications

Super clean, user-friendly, and mobile-optimized application process.

The "HUB"

A Cloud-based dashboard for all things finance. Applications, deal stages, approvals, and docs. It's all there.

Finance & Inventory

Merging Finance Tools and Inventory to create a seamless sales process.

  • I am an independent dealer. Will SOARR work for me?
    Yes, we work with dealers of all shapes and sizes. We offer customized solutions to fit into your business. Checkout our Independent Dealers page for more information
  • My dealership doesn't have an finance department? Can FinanceHub help me?
    Absolutely! FinanceHub comes with an optional Virtual F&I Desk. Dealers can rely on the experts behind the curtain to source the best financing available for the specific deal they are working. We will work hand-in-hand with the client and your sales staff to ensure a smooth financing process and help your dealership sell more trucks and trailers! With FinanceHub, dealers can also turn financing in to a profit center as we share a percentage of every deal!
  • I already have an F & I Department. Can I still use the FinanceHub technology to streamline my process?
    Yes! FinanceHub was designed to improve communications between the F&I Managers, Sales Reps, Managers, Owners, and Buyers. Top ways to improve the proess are: Secure Online Applications Dashboard to track deal progress Access to A-D Lenders "Captive-First" Program for OEMs Online Document Uploads
  • How does FinanceHub enhance our sales team?
    FinanceHub helps sales staff in many areas. If used in conjunction with the entire SOARR System, application links will be availbale on inventory listing pages on your SOARR powered website,, and other sites. The application will be included on emailed quotes, specsheets, and other material sent directly to your potential buyers. Sales staff will also have access to an application embedded in the SOARR software that will alert our lenders to push this app to the top as the client is sitting at the dealership!
  • What ports are supported with the Appraisal Kit?
    The Appraisal Kit comes with a device that connects to both 9 PIN and OBDII ports and reads diesel trucks. This device will read most trucks on the market. If you have deeper needs for shop diagnostics, please get in touch with us, as we have solutions for all levels of truck service.
  • Can I use the SOARR Diagnostics Device and SOARR Report without purchasing the SOARR system
    In short, yes! Just contact us to discuss the details and explore the capabilities of our systems to communicate. In most cases, we should be able to interface. With that question answered, we would encourage you to take a deeper look at the SOARR system as a bolt on solution. Warranty companies, insurance providers, finance companies, banks, inspection companies, and other providers that need this tool can also contact SOARR to discuss the ability to pull SOARR Reports by VIN or other unique identifiers.

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