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Finding the right size tire for a fifth wheel.

Finding the tire size for a fifth wheel can be difficult for those that do not know what they are looking for on a commercial truck.

You first need to understand that the semi-truck has many wheels. Finding the tire size for the 5th wheel is arguably the most difficult. Determining the 5th wheel location can be tricky for some as, on an over-the-road semi-truck, it usually is between the 3rd and 6th tires; however, sometimes, the 5th wheel can be in front of these two tire positions. Make sure to look closely.

The tire sizes for the 5th wheel are tricky to gauge by looking at the truck from afar. Since the 5th wheel sits in the middle of the other tire positions, it is most likely dirty and covered with grease.

To complicate matters further, the 5th wheel is not always stationary. Sometimes there is an option to "manually slide" or use an "airside" mechanism on these wheels.

On some of the models and applications, the manufacturers have opted to add tag axles, pusher axles, and other wheels and tires under the truck to further complicate the matter. If you are looking at a box truck or dump truck, we highly recommend that you consult an expert as it is impossible to find the 5th wheel on these applications due to the bed or box mounted directly to the frame.

The best advice we can give you is to call your local dealer and ask them to help you identify this on an actual truck. This spec is important, and you will look foolish if the 5th wheel is left off your list of specs.

Riddle - if there are ten wheels on a truck, there is no 5th wheel, but on a tractor with four wheels, there is a 5th wheel. Why?

SOARR can answer the riddle and also knows what pancakes, pumpkins, and pork-chops are... do you?

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